How to Choose the Perfect Co-founder for Your Startup

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The Co-founders you choose can make or break your startup based on a plethora of factors. It is as important as choosing your spouse. There are a lot of burning questions that should be on your mind when choosing a co-founder for that dream company of yours.

These days you see Facebook groups on entrepreneurship plastered with messages like — “Looking for a kick-ass Co-founder for a startup with a billion-dollar idea in the field of technology (insert random technology). Please DM”. Not only is this a pathetic promotion for your startup, but a poor way to find a partner, who has the ability to catapult you to terrific success or doom, based on how you choose one.

I spoke to Jithin V G, Co-founder of Accubits Technologies, an Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain development company. In 2012, Accubits Invent, a product-based company was started by Jithin with four other partners. He founded Accubits Hardware in 2013 with four more co-founders. Each of his Co-founders was taking home only INR 20,000 per month in their previous companies.

A few quitted as they were not happy with it as they wanted more stability even though they were passionate about the company. Come 2014-15, these ventures weren’t making a profit, so they pivoted to the current services model that has gained tremendous traction and has retained the six co-founders.

“We have known each other since childhood, thus making it easier to understand each other’s emotions, strengths and weaknesses. You really need to be sure about who you are partnering with before you aim to build a world-class company. Knowing someone for 3-4 years is never enough unless you are sure that they are extremely professional. One trait that most of us look for is the correct skill set, but sometimes we tend to overlook soft skills, which are mighty important when you work as a team. It is pretty much like a brotherhood,” said Jithin.

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