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CHROs to HR tech vendors: The ‘year of grace’ is over

By | Phil Albinus |

If HR tech vendors thought that the post-pandemic years would mark a return to normal times, they are in for a surprise—because, while the people who buy and implement HR technology solutions have relatively the same budget as in previous years, they are now looking for more support, better reporting and solutions that are a part of the HR ecosystem. So, HR tech vendors are going to need to step it up.

The “year of grace” that HR and tech buyers gave to vendors in light of the pandemic is over, said Stacey Harris, chief research officer for market research firm Sapient Insights, in Thursday’s HR Technology Conference keynote address, “The Public Debut of the 25th Annual Sapient Insights HR Systems Survey Key Findings.” (The complete survey will be officially released next month.)

In Sapient’s annual survey of HR leaders at small, medium and large organizations, nearly all continue to struggle to manage their technology, said Harris. 

Among the highlights from Harris’ bracing presentation are some serious issues among organizations and vendors: For instance, there was a 30% increase in respondents saying that a reporting functionality gap exists (“Reporting is a nightmare for organizations,” said Harris.), while vendor satisfaction dropped “dramatically” in learning, analytics and compensation apps and user experience satisfaction with HR solutions dropped to 7%.

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