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Clayton Christensen: “Where does Growth come from?” | Talks at Google


Clayton Christensen is an award-winning Harvard Business School professor and author of five books, including The Innovator’s Dilemma, which received the Global Business Book Award for the best business book of the year.

Clayton presents brand new content on different ways to think about growth and he shared some of his unique perspective on “measuring your life” (as seen in his TED talk) with the audience.


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  1. a great talk. Really admire Prof. Christensen. The question about Tesla, Uber and iPhone (from 1:08:17) was very interesting. I would like to challenge though, that the success of iPhone is not because it disrupted laptop. At least, within my knowledge, people I know who bought iPhone is not because that iPhone allows them to save on their laptops. iPhone is a product innovation, which simply created a new category (smartphones bundled with API) and there were no incumbents in that category when iPhone was first launched (Nokia and Blackberry had smartphones but their API were just daunting). In the meantime, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, all those low-cost brands are killing Apple with disruptive innovation, making the product accessible and affordable to the greater public.

  2. I like Clayton but he shouldn't refer to college students as the rebar of humanity. This is a bit of pandering going on here. The rebar of humanity is the trucker. The carpenter. The trash collector. The factory worker. The pipe fitter. Golfers.

  3. We have new thinking to improve our education system, to bring growth to our younger generations yet to come, we must remove the obstacles of the past system that does not help with the growth of the brilliant young brains, that's suppressed.

  4. As an Inventor with many new ideas, like the one that won a National Road Safety Award from the Institute of Highways and Transportation Sponsored by the Mobil Oil Company. The ICI published an article in their plastic Engineering Magazine, which said a bright idea for road safety by Malcolm Manby exploits Daikon to its full potential, this is the material I used for roadlites.

  5. To have a better product than your compactors is from the SOUL not from competition, and this process of creating can coms from the love of humanity, and the direction from an internal power, which is eternal and only need the same power of love.

  6. well, the thing is that the nature of these NewEvil internet "businesses" is that one lucky bastard steals it all, takes worldwide market in certain niche (much worse monopolists than all the marxians ever feared)… and most of the time they don't even produce anything, just living off the ad mindfcukers (stolen worldwide ad busines and killed serious journalism in the process)

  7. 1:20 "Success is very hard to sustain" And so big companies always turn away from innovation and toward control. Sadly this is evident today in Google (YouTube censorship/demonitizing), in Amazon (removing the dislike vote from comments) and of course with Microsoft with Windows 10, NSA Edition.

  8. This is an amazing talk and a highly recommended watch. True to form, Prof. Clayton is insightful, forward thinking and able to explain the theory and practical applications with clarity. This talk is engaging and offers a different perspective to the one currently being taught and practiced in many organisations. Prof. Clayton is an exceptional intellect and storyteller, his work and thinking is truly inspirational.

  9. All built on the assumption that growth, on a finite planet, is a good thing, that creating a desire for more consumption should be our goal.
    I have a hunch one day in the not-too-distant future we will look back at this as part of the problem…

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