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Climbing-down Versus Coming Down

By | Adil Malia |

Wise leadership is not the one which knows only how to climb to the top. Wise leadership also knows how to recognise when the time is right to move down and out of leadership gracefully before being pushed out .

A cat is a strange icon of such leadership behaviours. Cats are agile climbers. Their retractable claws are curved and their hind legs are stronger But that makes Cats tend to get stuck to the top, unable to climb down from the tree-tops. They are built only to climb up but not so much down. Surprise, surprise, just like our agile Corporate ladder climbers.

Climbing down is different from coming down. The distinction is in the planning and who architects the movement. In climbing down, the role-holder plans his downward movement at the right time. Wise. Suo moto recognises the time and need.

In coming down, the role holder actually resists the move. Wants to keep holding-on. But the system and the other agile climbers want him to vacate the position. Thus they plan and plot and that brings him down – in a way architect his journey of coming down much against his wishes !

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