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By | Vasundhara Kaul | Founding Partner, Carpediem EdPsych Consultancy LLP I NLP Practitioner I Soft Skills Trainer I PhD Research Scholar I Well-being Coach

What music did I  hear …..

I am often asked this question …you have moved from being a daughter, wife, banker, mother, teacher, trainer, Teacher Educator, NLP Practitioner, …why coaching now?? Hmmm, let’s see how I can explain this in the easiest possible manner to myself and if I am able to do that I think the rest will just follow. 

So, in 2020 coincidently coinciding with the countrywide lockdown I had decided to take a break from an employed status and moved on to freelance status. The break did a couple of things for me. It gave me time to pause, time to gather my thoughts and plan what I may want to do for the rest of my life. So the things that were very clear in my mind were the following : 

I needed to work in the Education Space 

I needed to positively influence the Space in a manner that I leave behind a legacy 

I didn’t have all the answers on the How’s? Or the What’s? Or the Whys … but I believed people mostly have the answers within them and I need to try and help them find their own solutions.

So, with a lot of background music playing on my mind I enrolled myself on the coaching program with the understanding based on discussions with friends and family that it would be helpful in fulfilling my Vision in the long run of moving from a Subject Matter Expert to ensuring there were so many more Educators who could walk the same path. 

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