Combating Workplace Negativity

[ad_1] How many besides me have worked in an environment where people were constantly gossiping? How did it feel to work in a place like that?

How many besides me have worked with someone who constantly complained about everything? What did you do about that person?

Who besides me has worked with people who go into a tailspin over every change at work? How did that behavior affect you?

Negativity is a habit. When negativity takes over in a workplace, it becomes a part of the culture. Cultural negativity requires a radical restructuring of the entire work environment, and that culture change takes a minimum of five years. The key is to keep negativity from taking hold in the first place, because the impact of workplace negativity on your business can be devastating. Some business consequences of negativity can be:

· Customer complaints

· Errors and poor work quality

· Increased employee turnover

· Absence and lateness issues

· Personality conflicts

· Poor morale

· Lack of motivation

· Loss of loyalty to the organization

· Decreased creativity

The effects of negativity are measurable and will affect the bottom line in your business. It will also affect you as a worker, both mentally and physically, at home as well as at work. Workers in a negative, low morale work environment are likely to take their attitude home with them. Long-term negativity creates a perpetual state of emotional hijack – the fight or flight reaction, which in turn affects health and relationships.

Ingrained workplace negativity is a serious problem that requires a detailed and comprehensive solution involving long-term planning and dedication to change. In this article I’ll give you some insights and tips on how to deal with individual negativity: yours and your co-workers.

Let’s start with our own negativity. How do you recognize when you’ve gone negative?

· Thoughts

· Verbal negativity

· Non- verbal – body language

· Para-language – tone…


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