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Common Moving Day Mistakes

By | Ivan Belinsky | Outreach Manager at BPokies

Moving can be a stressful process, and the day of the move itself can be the most stressful of all.

This is why many people make mistakes on moving day. Stress can make you distracted and forgetful.

That’s why we’re covering twelve common moving day mistakes today! Join us, as we dive into all the things you should avoid doing.

12 Common Moving Day Mistakes

There are twelve common moving day mistakes:

  • Not sticking to the plan
  • Packing improperly
  • Not packing essentials separately
  • Letting others pack important documents
  • Not preparing appliances
  • Bringing hazardous materials
  • Not giving everyone a role
  • Forgetting insurance
  • Not transferring utilities
  • Dealing with movers poorly
  • Not cleaning the house
  • Skipping a final check

Let’s go over them in more detail.

Not Sticking to the Plan

The first and biggest moving day mistake is not sticking to the plan.This includes falling behind the schedule in terms of packing, hiring a moving company, or disassembling large pieces of furniture.

If you don’t stick to your plan (which you probably took great pains to make in the first place), the process of packing and moving will be a nightmare.

It will lead to you rushing, and if you rush, you’ll most likely forget a lot of necessary things.

Packing Improperly

Packing is not something you can do mindlessly – at least, not if you want to have a painless, efficient moving experience.

To pack properly, you will need to:

  • Pack per room
  • Label each box with the room names and box numbers
  • Color-code boxes
  • Make an inventory of every box and the contents

This is especially important if you avail of a moving service, since they will rely on your labels to do their jobs well.

And if you avail of packers and movers in Charlotte NC or in the other state in the USA, this is even more important because you’ll need your inventory to check if the movers have brought all the boxes in and unpacked everything properly.

Not Packing Essentials Separately

But while packing, don’t forget to set aside your essentials in a separate container!

These are the things you’ll need to get you through the process of unpacking, especially if you have many belongings to set up before you can settle down.

Keep these essentials in a box or bag that you bring yourself, so you can easily access them at any time.

Letting Others Pack Important Documents

If you have any important documents, such as birth certificates, tax documents, and so on, be sure to pack these yourself. And if possible, also transport these yourself.

These are very essential documents that you need to keep safe, so don’t trust anyone but yourself with them. 

And if you avail of full-service moving, be sure to let the movers know what you want to pack yourself.

Not Preparing Appliances

Before you can even move appliances, you may need to prepare them.

This means you should unplug, clean, and pack small appliances ahead of time.

And for larger appliances, you may need to hire professionals to prepare them. For example, gas stoves will need gas lines disconnected.

Some may also need more precautions during transportation. Refrigerators will need to be cleaned and dried properly to prevent mold from growing.

Bringing Hazardous Materials

Bringing hazardous materials can be dangerous, and may not even be allowed by the moving service you’ve hired.

If possible, avoid moving hazardous materials at all.

Not Giving Everyone a Role

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about everyone else involved in the move – whether it’s friends, kids, or pets.

On the moving day, everyone will need a role to keep the process efficient. You can assign people to pack and carry boxes for specific rooms, or put them in charge of looking after pets.

Just make sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and where they’re supposed to be. That way, people won’t keep bumping into each other.

Forgetting Insurance

Insurance is very important for protecting your belongings if you hire a moving company, especially if you avail of full-service moving

If you have a moving service, it will probably have the option to add moving insurance for a minimal fee. Be sure to get the insurance in writing at least a day before the moving starts.

This way, if something goes wrong during the moving process and a belonging is damaged, the cost will be covered by the insurance.

Not Transferring Utilities

Wherever you move to, you will need utilities. 

Be sure to transfer your utilities to the new location at least a week before. 

This way, when you move in, you will have everything you need to live comfortably.

Dealing with Movers Poorly

If you hire a moving company, make sure you do your research and hire a reputable moving service. Don’t forget to read all reviews about moving company.

Also make sure to treat your movers well. After all, if you treat them with the respect and humanity they deserve, they’ll take more care with your belongings.

Not Cleaning the House

Before the moving starts, you’ll want to clean both the house you’re currently in as well as the house you’ll be moving into.

You can either clean yourself, or schedule a professional cleaning service the day before.

This way, there’ll be enough space for all the moving and unpacking.

Skipping a Final Check

Before kicking up your shoes, you should take a final check of everything. Make sure everything has been moved, and nothing was forgotten.


If you avoid these twelve common moving day mistakes, your move should go smoothly and efficiently.

We hope this article helped you!

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