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Communicating Total Rewards doesn’t have to be complicated

Showing your employees they’re valued doesn’t have to be complicated. And you’ll see the benefits from doing it right

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Employees have a lot on their minds and — whether they realize it or not — many of their questions stem from the employee experience you deliver. Are their health and wellbeing programs delivering the value they need? Is their compensation where it should be? What does their financial future look like? What about their career path?

Employers are shifting their employee communication strategy from “tell me what it means to me” to an experience that drives behavior change and responds to the employees’ request to “show me how I can best use all of my Total Rewards programs.” This is especially true as a result of the pandemic, which brought the value of employee benefits and employee wellbeing right to the forefront.

Communicate the value of your Total Rewards in a personalized way

The new employee experience thrives on transparency, personalization and easy, digital access to relevant information, platforms and processes. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness and appreciation for your Total Rewards programs, highlight lost opportunities for employees, show the hidden value of your benefit programs or increase employee engagement, you want to deliver personalized content and messaging that resonates with your people. And when your messages resonate and drive the right behaviors, you know the dollars you’ve invested are well spent.

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