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We are Human Beings, Not Human ‘Resources’

Source | |  BY:Ben Whitter, Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI), 

Dear HR,

Thank you for your recent application to set-up a key function within our business. We regret to inform you that, on this occasion, we will not be progressing your application to the next stage of the process.

It is clear that you have significant experience dating from the industrial revolution 

of putting in place processes, practices, and policies that enable organizations to retain control, ensure compliance within the workplace, and manage employees in a fair and reasonable manner.

However, having considered your proposal, it is felt that implementing an HRfunction, in general, would increase our bureaucracy to an unacceptable level, create division within the workplace, which would lead to a lack of trust, and would also provide our community with an easy target in order to shift our problems to a function that feels remote and separate to our business community.

As an alternative, and to give you some context for this decision, we will 


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