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Why companies are hiring people with disabilities?

Source | : By Malini Goyal

I was busy,” Arnav Ghosh, 27, tells his mom with a sheepish grin. He is just back from work. He did not answer his mobile phone when his mother, Shashi Motilal, had called earlier in the day. He is part of the F&B team at the Lemon Tree hotel in Aerocity, Delhi. And he works hard: six days a week, nine hours a day.

At the hotel, his tirelessness is in full display. All the table mats have to be perfectly aligned, quarter plates neatly placed, cutlery counted, wiped and tidily laid out. Napkins need to be folded and stacked in the holder. Moving slowly but meticulously, Ghosh at work is a man in deep meditation. He’s almost possessed by work, as if nothing could come between him and his job — neither the din in the restaurant nor the bustle at a corner table. “He works harder and longer than all of us. And he loves doing it. You can’t make him miss his office, come rain or late night,” says his proud mom.


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It wasn’t like this till 2012. Ghosh — the younger of two siblings — was born in 1990 in the US with Down syndrome. Life for his academic parents — his father is a professor at IIT-Delhi and his mother at Delhi University — changed forever. They returned to India but bringing up a special child in the country was not easy. Parents’ support groups helped.

So did special schools like Tamana in the capital. But when their child turned adult, the future looked bleak. Every family milestone made his parents anxious about how Arnav would deal with life. Be it his brother’s departure for college in the US or his wedding, or even a death in the family. “He doesn’t understand any of these things. How do you explain?”asks his mother. Once, a worried Motilal wondered if Arnav could work at a photocopy shop just to keep him occupied.

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