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Confidence Can Make a Difference in Your Decision Making

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Whether you have taken a break in your career or not, you need to be confident about yourself.

The same goes when you are making decisions as well. Every decision you make — whether it is about taking a career break, joining a course or stepping back into the workforce — you should be able to make it confidently. If you are sceptical about any decision, then you should think it over more.

All this and more on being confident about the decisions you take was discussed by Suma Ravindra, Engineering Manager, Herman Miller Furniture India Private Limited, on the JobsForHer Groups Expert Chat.

Suma said, “There are several aspects when it comes to confidence, especially when it comes to decision making.”

She goes on to say, “You should have faith in yourself and abilities. If there is an important decision to be made, then you should conduct proper research to make a decision confidently.”

Even though you make a decision confidently and after a lot of research and thought, there are times you can go wrong; there might be a glitch. In situations like this, you have to keep calm and look into matter instead of worrying about the fact that it went wrong.

Suma answered a bunch of questions that were asked on the Expert Chat. In case you missed it, you can view the entire chat here: 

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