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The Confidence Factor for Women: Gender Labels Are Harmful

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Carol Sankar, Global leadership advisor, keynote speaker,

The professional & social impact of gender labels for qualified, high achieving women

We live in an ever changing world that is dominated by gender labels and roles. Although my passion is gender diversity and inclusion, it is a fancy way of creating a narrative for the masses that we need to stop focusing on gender before considering the value of the expertise in the market.

I am optimistic that the tides are turning when it comes to full professional neutrality by 2025, but I cannot ignore the fact that gender labels often segregate women, who are seeking to elevate professionally. Women have the potential to be power brokers, executives, high power leaders, leaders of countries and more. However, nothing says “The expectation is different” quite like adding the word “woman” before the role. Somehow, the emphasis becomes gender, instead of qualified leader.

A “woman” president, “woman”leader, “woman” VP, etc seems to change the definition of the role when we shift the role to focus on gender before the profession. Although we are consistently bringing much needed attention to the inclusive efforts of women, there are 3 factors which may be preventing women from progressing –


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