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“Confusion to Clarity”​ – in just 2hours

By | Sridhar Ramanathan

“Sridhar was our Big Boss way back in 1990 and we were a close-knit group. I recollect even those days he was all about ideating and thinking differently. He had no patience for ‘know-alls’. He encouraged colleagues who wanted to learn, however big or small they ranked in the organization.

Recently, after hearing all about his brainchild IDEAS RS and how he facilitated sessions that made a difference to your thought process and strategy, my friend and I requested his help in using the special tool kit that opened up ‘blocked’ minds.

They were just a bunch of cards of different colours we thought. How would that even make any difference? We had a couple of issues we needed guidance on and we decided to use the kit and his discourse to crack the issues.

It was 2 hours well spent. We started totally unclear on where we were going and within minutes of the session were fully invigorated.

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