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Continuous Improvement: Critical for Processes and People

Source | LinkedIn | Karin Lindner | Author, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Mental Strength Trainer, Leadership and Executive Coach, VP of PR at Toastmasters

Yesterday I had a really good conversation about coaching and training, and why a company should or shouldn’t engage in this kind of services.

All of us have been in training sessions – some were engaging and truly beneficial, and others were mind-numbing and a waste of time.

Companies often say that training is an expense and it doesn’t work. This can be very true if you don’t set the expectations and the intention from the get-go.

I know many organizations that start all kinds of initiatives without having a strategy in place. Excitement can fade really fast. Have you ever heard about the “flavour of the month”? This is like playing darts with your less dominant hand, hoping that one of the darts will stick.

If I have conversations with prospects and I get the sense that they look for a quick fix, I have learned to walk away. Band aid solutions don’t work on the production floor and they also don’t work in leadership and workforce development.

Do you want to make a training / coaching initiative a home run?

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