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Convene + Detonate: To Transform Your Organization You Must Do Both

Source | LinkedIn | Dan Helfrich | Chairman and CEO, Deloitte Consulting

Since coming into this role in June, I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with our clients and our project teams across many different industries around the globe. In the majority of those conversations, I’ve found that there are two dynamics at play – convening and detonating – that at first appear incongruent but are critical to organizations’ ability to compete in the market. 

To compete, to differentiate, to better respond to customer needs and behaviors, organizations need to be convening with unconventional partners AND at the same time, organizations must detonate their many traditional business orthodoxies that no longer provide value.

Convene: What do I mean by convene? Convene is to summon, to cause to assemble – being proactive, you are the driver, you are the one bringing people together. One of the ways to be a convener is to seek out unconventional partners.

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