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Convergent Thinking Versus Divergent Thinking

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When you’re in a challenging situation, how does your brain tackle the problem? Some of us dig deep for that perfect solution, while others might spew a flood of ideas, hoping one will stick. These processes are examples of two distinct thinking styles: convergent and divergent.

What Is Convergent Thinking?

Convergent thinking is a type of thinking that focuses on finding a single, correct solution to a problem or question. This thinking is oriented towards deriving the best, or most often correct, answer to a question. Problems amenable to convergent thinking are those for which there is a single correct solution.

Convergent thinking is a crucial aspect of our reasoning and problem-solving abilities. It utilizes logical thinking and knowledge to come up with the answer. It’s a very analytical and systematic approach that involves evaluating various solutions to a problem and choosing the most appropriate one.

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