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Coronavirus Update: Home is Where the Office is

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We’re pretty certain that while you’re coming to grips with this ‘work-from-home’ routine, you’re also trying to juggle a million other things in order to make it work for you and for your family. 

What’s most important, however, is to maintain a balance between housework and office work during the day. Keep mundane chores for later in the evening. Don’t lose your focus with trivial issues vying for your attention. 

Here are a few entries we’ve got for our campaign on ‘How I am Making my Work-From-Home Work’ from women who are doing everything possible to maintain a peaceful co-working situation at home.

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Nidhi Khatri believes that remaining positive during this time will keep us all in good spirits. 

A negative C created a frenzy worldwide, so let’s talk about positive Cs to make a difference.


  1. (Co) equal: Creating an ‘equal’ environment by imparting basic life skills to my 5-year-old son, who is now also my work buddy. 
  2.  Create: We now have the time to do some things that we didn’t often have the time for. I am utilising this time to work on creating healthy habits that will benefit me once this phase is over. I have enrolled for online courses that I always wanted to do to upskill. I’m also working on creating my own kitchen garden. 
  3.  Connect: A scheduled video conference call everyday with coworkers helps set realistic expectations about our goals. We also have a Friday virtual potluck/lunch together. At the same time, I ensure to logout from work on time and attend zumba classes online.

Sumaa Tekur runs a spiritual consultancy, and works from home most often. Here are her Top3 WFH tips to beat the stress during these trying times.

  1. Have a personal ritual at the start and end of your work day. This can be physically stepping into your work zone with awareness, as though you are ‘punching time in’ for the day. Then, at the end of the day, ‘punch time out’.
  2. Trouble focusing? Try the Pomodoro technique of working in intervals of 25 minutes followed, by a five-minute break. The timer instills a sense of urgency of complete tasks with more efficiency and faster.
  3.  Take frequent breaks. In the absence of colleagues and the general office buzz, take trips to the kitchen or balcony and look out while disconnecting from work.

Mona Poonja believes that trust and ownership are most important while working from home.


Her top tips are: 

  1.  Maintain regular hours. It can be easier to work more hours or shift your hours daily when working from home, but having a consistent schedule is helpful in keeping track of your tasks
  2. Be accountable. Communicating with your stakeholders and driving personal performance is crucial
  3. Leaders and team members need to place trust in each other to get work done and support each other from a distance
  4. Plan your work and household chores for a week
  5. Understand your own priorities to make family members understand your responsibilities and the division of time
  6. Get on call with your team at least twice a week — just a casual no-agenda call — to feel connected, make video calls, virtual team meet games, etc.
  7. End your day with a routine. A great way to end the day is to think about  what’s needed for the next day and then close your computer and walk away
  8. During this COVID-19 time, don’t get overwhelmed by the news, rumours on WhatsApp or any forwards. Put away your computer and phone, and have dinner with your family. Don’t look at any technology devices at least 1 hour before going to bed

Roopa Jain is a hands-on mum who is nailing her work-from-home time with simple adjustments to her routine. 

 Here are her top 3 tips: 

  1.  Get out of your pyjamas, get dressed and get down to work. When you feel like you are working from the office, it helps you get into the right mindset to finish your tasks for the day
  2. Avoid doing any household chores during work hours
  3. Keep your little ones engaged so that you’re free to take your meetings and video calls without much distraction.

We’re sure there are plenty of other work-from-home tips that can boost productivity, enhance efficiency while managing your daily chores and household duties. With no house help, child care or outside support, it is a challenging time that will only bring out the best in us.

Stay tuned to this page for more updates from working professionals with their tips and tricks to nail this work-from-home routine.

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