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Corporate action on climate change needed more than ever

Source | | Jean-Pascal Tricoire | Olivier Blum

  • Last year, according to UNEP, global emissions fell by 7% due to slow down effect of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Corporations must harness this fragile moment and build a path to a greener future.
  • Here are four considerations for implementing environmental, social and corporate governance transformation.

For all the pain that 2020 wrought upon societies and economies around the world, it also brought some positives. Chief among them was the increased awareness for all of us—big corporates included—to prioritize climate change and the delicate balance of nature as we head into 2021 and beyond.

Addressing it will require a massive reduction in C02 emissions. Last year provided a glimmer of hope: according to UNEP, emissions fell by an estimated 7% as economic activity and travel around the globe ground to a near halt.

However, the fall in emissions only represented temporary relief and it was the result of conditions that none of us wants to repeat. To ensure the change is real, lasting, and of a magnitude great enough to stop global temperatures from rising even more, requires a fundamental and rapid change in the way we all live and work.

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