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Counteroffers Don’t Work – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Make or Accept Them

Source | Linkedin | Robert Glazer | Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Speaker | Founder & CEO @ Acceleration Partners

It’s a familiar situation for an employee: You’ve applied for a new job, gotten a great offer, and are excited to start at a new company and tackle new challenges. All that’s left is to let your managers know. But once you try to give notice, they respond with a lucrative counteroffer, promotion, or promise to make overdue changes–all to persuade you to stay.

While it seems natural for a business to want to hold onto a talented employee–and tempting for the employee to stay in a comfortable environment for more pay and perks–counteroffers have poor short- and long-term outcomes for both sides.

At my company, Acceleration Partners, it’s always been our policy not to make counteroffers. We think they don’t make sense for our exiting employees or our business. Here’s why:

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