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COVID-19 Digital Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands

How people purchase beauty products nowadays has changed due to the pandemic. If you want to ride with this trend then here are some digital marketing tips for your beauty business

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The beauty industry has traditionally built its loyal customer base from face-to-face sales, where customers could freely interact with the product. However, as the recent global pandemic imposes physical distancing protocols, digital marketing has been one of the key driving strategies of thriving beauty companies. And, with so many tools and mediums available, beauty content marketing has never been easier. So, where and how do you begin?

The Beauty Industry and COVID

Valued at almost $500 billion in 2020 and expected to reach $700 billion by 2025, the beauty industry is one of the world’s most lucrative investments. Even with the pandemic slowing down its annual sales, this business sector has bounced back as it drives up its current sales.  Pre-pandemic statistics showed that 85% of beauty products were bought directly from stores. Now, 87% of consumers are doing these transactions online.

With that said, this optimistic estimate has also led to more crowded market space, as companies find themselves side-by-side with competitors that are gunning for that top spot. And, in this growing digital marketing space, the only way to stand out is to increase brand awareness and organic customer traffic through content optimization.

The limited social contact between salespeople and customers has also led consumers to conduct their own product research and trust the advice from online beauty gurus. This in turn contributed to the rise of beauty influencers and YouTubers, whose platforms have been made to approve, criticize, and comment on the current products of the market. So, if you’re a company selling beauty salon supplies in Toronto it’s best to shift online now.

5 Digital Marketing Tips

Taking advantage of these trends will be quite a difficult thing to do, especially when you are a newbie trying to transition your allocated ad budget to digital beauty campaigns. However, there’s no need to worry because companies like Local SEO search Inc. can guide you through the process with these amazing tips:

  1. Optimize Long-Form Content

Digital advertising is all about exposure and search rankings. With thousands of articles and data published daily, creating content that stands out from the rest can be challenging. One of the ways to get over that hurdle is by optimizing your content in long-form format. This is done by conducting in-depth research on your beauty brand’s products and how it helps customers.

Google and search engines won’t reward you with a high rank by simply adding in fluff and irrelevant paragraphs to your content. Rather, by incorporating accurate data and useful long-tail keywords, will you be able to launch your digital campaigns to new heights.

  1. Invest in SEO-friendly Campaigns

Search engines like Google serve as the pillars of online advertising. Considered as one of the most convenient internet surfing tools, consumers regularly browse and visit their site daily. With that said, in order to provide the best information to users, these search engines have algorithms put into place to regulate the quality and relevance of each published content.

To make sure that your content fits their constantly updated criteria, Canada’s leading SEO companies, like Local SEO Search Inc. suggest that you create articles and media tools that guide consumers through their purchasing experience. You can do this by using related keywords and reader-friendly articles filled with visual aids, and tutorials.

  1. Know Your Distribution Channel

The Internet offers a variety of social media platforms and mediums to consumers and business owners alike. These virtual spaces serve as a proxy to the brick and mortar establishments that have dominated the market in the pre-pandemic era. However, not every space and distribution channel will be conducive for each of your beauty content campaigns.

Each published content, be it a tutorial, review, promotion, and more, has a specific platform that works best for it. So, instead of publishing the same campaign into every online distribution channel, try to do some research first, whether it’s better to do it on a vlog, influencer collab, Ecommerce website, email outreach, and more.

  1. Foster a Loyal Community

Online communities are the bloodline of beauty brands. These pockets of loyal and reliable engagement will serve as your main point of communication and contact with the public that will help you determine which products are in demand.

It also becomes your source for firsthand consumer data that allows you to create buyer personas for your advertising team. So, if you’re a clinic specializing in acne treatment in Toronto, it’s best to foster a loyal, local following that can help you propel your beauty brand campaigns on a national and global scale.

  1. Collaborate and Network

Beauty influencers are your beauty company’s best friends. Collaborating with them helps you give your products a more personal and intimate feel since it comes off as a personal recommendation to their fans.

You can invest and collab with mega-influencers, which can be quite expensive, but the product exposure will be on a greater scale. Or connect with micro-influencers that are much more affordable and can result in a more reliable and higher ROI due to their closer ties with audiences.

The great thing about these influencers is their versatility since they can talk about almost anything, be it on the types of hyperpigmentation and how to manage them, to which primers are the best.

Beauty content marketing in this post-pandemic digital era is not for the faint-hearted. It’s not a simple 15-second ad or handing out flyers. Rather, it’s a concerted effort in the beauty company to properly influence and inform consumers of their purchasing decisions. If you want to improve your beauty company’s brand awareness in the coming months, then invest in research, because you can only succeed if you know your audience’s pulse.


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