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COVID-19: Implications for business

Source | | Matt Craven, Linda LiuMihir Mysore, Matt Wilson

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. This article is intended to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the perspectives in this article may fall rapidly out of date. This article reflects our perspective as of March 25, 2020. We will update it regularly as the outbreak evolves.

We have updated our briefing materials today. Please click here to download our latest information on the spread of the pandemic, McKinsey’s scenarios for economic impact, and the next steps for business leaders.

COVID-19: Briefing note, March 16, 2020

Current perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak

At the time of writing, there have been more than 160,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 6,000 deaths from the disease. Older people, especially, are at risk (Exhibit 1). More than 140 countries and territories have reported cases; more than 80 have confirmed local transmission. Even as the number of new cases in China is falling (to less than 20, on some days), it is increasing exponentially in Italy (doubling approximately every four days). China’s share of new cases has dropped from more than 90 percent a month ago to less than 1 percent today.

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