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COVID-19: The role of HR & People Analytics in the crisis

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  • This is the time for HR leaders and People Analytics teams to come to the fore. Employee experience and wellbeing has to be the central thrust of organisational response to the Covid-19 crisis. Partly inspired by the #pafow online conference I chaired with Al Adamsen this week, here are some thoughts on the crisis from a HR lens with links to 70+ resources and an underlying theme of ‘people data for good’. Features contributors such as: Dave Ulrich, Stacia Sherman Garr, Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Lynda Gratton, Josh Bersin, Patrick Wright, Lars Schmidt ???? Isabel Naidoo, Blair Hopkins, Thomas Hedegaard Rasmussen, David Shontz, Manish Goel, Lexy Martin, Anna A. Tavis, Ph.D, Hung Lee, Laura Stevens, PhD, Dorothy Dalton, Amy C. Edmondson, David Sluss, Alicia Roach, Volker Jacobs, Ravin Jesuthasan, Michael Arena, Rob Cross, Heather E. McGowan, Philip Arkcoll, Alexandru Gotoi, Ben Waber, Ben Eubanks and many more

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Too slow, too complacent, too late, too chaotic, not transparent enough. The response to the Covid-19 pandemic by the UK Government is perhaps only surpassed in its ineptitude by their erstwhile partner in the ‘special relationship’ across the pond.

There in the full glare of the media at one of his daily crisis briefings, the President of the United States recommended the injection of disinfectant as a potential cure for Covid-19. No, it wasn’t an episode of South Park. It really happened.

Our political leaders are being tested like never before and those that appear to score high on narcissism and low on empathy are failing dismally. It’s interesting that those political leaders who combine competence, transparency and empathy and are using data and science to inform their decision making appear to be performing much better. 

As our political leaders are being tested like never before so are our business leaders. In the opening preamble to my collection of 120+ Covid-19 resources for HR and People Analytics, I opined that the crisis was an acid test for the Business Roundtable group of 181 CEOs representing some of America’s biggest companies.

Why? Because only last summer the group committed together to provide value to all stakeholders – not just shareholders but customers, employees, suppliers and communities as well. A recent article in the New York Times suggests that some of these organisations have reverted to type. Refreshingly though, many others – Walmart, Microsoft and IBM are just three examples that come readily to mind – are actively pursuing a people first response to the crisis.

One initiative that caught my attention is People + Work Connect, which has been developed by Ellyn Shook, the CHRO of Accenture together with counterparts from Lincoln Financial Group, Service Now and Verizon. The initiative brings companies who are having to reduce their workforces together with those that are hiring rapidly during the crisis in order to help people get back to work. An analytics platform that facilitates continued employment is one of many great ideas we’ve seen generated by the HR community.

This week I participated in and co-hosted PAFOW Europe Online together with Al Adamsen. Over the three days, I was amazed to see the work People Analytics teams are doing to support their organisations and workforces through the crisis. The way the community has come together has been both inspiring and heart-warming – and this includes the HR Tech vendor community as highlighted by Stacia Garr and Priyanka Mehrotra in their excellent presentation of the People Analytics Technology Landscape (see below).

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