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Create a Winning Learner Experience with Tips from Marketing

By | Anthony Santa Maria

I didn’t go to school for marketing. Not even close. Instead, I pursued bachelor’s degrees in quantitative economics and feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. I learned a lot about the world and am forever grateful for the opportunity to nurture my passions. 

When it came time to buckle down and get a job, I knew that I enjoyed writing and storytelling, and also had a knack for numbers. I found myself drawn to marketing. 

I might be biased here, but marketing is a lot of fun. It gives you an opportunity to really get inside your “customer’s” head and think about what excites, energizes, and motivates them to engage with your “product.” It’s always a beautiful mix of art and science. 

As I’ve worked more closely with leaders in learning and development (L&D), I’ve come up with three tips you can borrow to help you improve your craft and strategy. But first, let’s cover some marketing basics.

Focus on “customer” journey

If you’ve ever sat in on a meeting with a team of marketers, you’ve probably heard about the marketing “funnel.” That’s a fancy way of talking about the customer’s journey, or experience, with marketing collateral and products. The goal is that everything you create needs to be intentionally designed with an idea of where your prospective customer will engage with your brand next.  

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