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Create an interactive map with the best mapping tool

By | Zeeshan Khan

Maps are generally the symbolic representation of a place and also teach about the world by simply showing the shape and sizes of the country, locations, features, and the distance between two places. A map plays a very important role when you are going on a trip and needs direction.

Importance of maps –

  • Simplicity – the main advantage of using a map you will get is that it will help you in simplifying the complex data. You can easily watch who the world looks like, places you want to visit, you can also easily get directions for traveling from one place to another.
  • They have functional tools – if you want to travel from place A to B, but you don’t know the exact direction. In this case, you will ask various people, some will tell you the correct direction while some may not. This will waste lots of your time. But with the help of GPS which is the functional tool of a map you can easily travel from place A to B. GPS will locate your exact position and then it will help you to give the correct direction so that you can reach your place with minimum time.
  • Maps help kids in acquiring life skills maps help in supporting spatial thinking which helps children in visualizing where different places, cities, and countries are related to one another.
  • Maps also help in saving your life – when you travel to an area where you will not get a signal and you also don’t know the direction. In such a case, maps come with great help. You will be able to get the correct direction and then you can travel safely by following the right direction.
  • But for creating maps that have good visual representation you should make use of a good mapping tool. Many mapping tools are available on the internet which will help you to create the best map which will display the complex data in a simplified and attractive form.

Benefits of mapping tool –

Mapping Tool

  • Helps in simplifying the complicated information – maps help in simplifying the complex data sets and then it displays that data into a pleasing graphic so that you have ease in understanding. It just helps to change complex data into a visual representation.
  • They are functional tools – with the help of GPS you can go from one place to another very easily just by following the direction on your map. Many people know how to operate mp with GPS. GPS helps in finding your exact location and then tell you what all directions you are required to take to reach your desire position.
  • The best mapping tool you can use is Show My Map. By using this you can take your maps to the next level of satisfaction. It is based on Google’s geocoding API which helps them in taking hundreds and thousands of map points that help in displaying the data in a way you want it.

Why you should choose Show My Map?

Mapping Tool

Various reasons will clear your confusion that why you should choose this mapping software above various other mapping software. The reasons are –

  • You can display you may in any way you want based on your preference. You can also filter the type of audience, whether you want to keep it privately or publically.
  • You can also customize your maps for various purposes. Like you can use it for presentation, or your website, for your reference, etc. Their customization tools will help you in customizing mp makers, you can also set the default view of your map, you can set your map style according to your preference.
  • If you don’t have any coding knowledge then also you can enjoy this software for making your map interactive by adding various features.
  • It helps you in creating your map with any number of data. There is no limit. You can even map thousand of locations it totally up to you that how many locations you want to map.

Features of Show My Map mapping tool –

Mapping Tool

  • Heat maps – it is generally a graphical representation of data that shows the area’s density. It will also help you in customizing the density of the area using different colors.
  • Data export – if you want to export your data as a spreadsheet, then you can quickly do this by just clicking on the data export feature.
  • Drive Time Polygon – this feature will help you in visualizing driving distances from one destination to another.
  • Awesome filtering tools – based on your need you can easily filter the data into different groups. It helps you in getting to the nitty-gritty quicker without getting into irrelevant needs.
  • Store locator – you can also add a store locator with this feature on your website that helps your customers to find your store easily.
  • Direction optimizer – it helps you in locating the fastest route to your destination so that your customer doesn’t waste more time in reaching you.

How you can create n interactive map?

Mapping Tool

For creating a map that will look interactive you need to follow the steps given below –

  • First, you need to input your data regarding the location on a spreadsheet.
  • Then that copy-paste the same data into the location data box which you will find on the homepage of the site.
  • To validate your data click on the option “set and validate”. This simply means making sure that everything is in their proper columns or not.
  • Then you need to click on the option “create map”.
  • Now you need to give the title and description for your map. Also, give the email address so that you can receive a link to your map.
  • Now you need to save your map, and then your map will get generated.

Create the best and interactive map with this mapping tool and help your customers to reach your store easily.


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