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Create Customer Loyalty Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging

By | Jeremy Zielie

Fostering a strong relationship with customers is essential in today’s ultra-competitive market. When it comes to online ordering, this still rings true, but can be difficult since there is a limited amount of interaction between the brand and customers. One way to capitalize on the briefinteraction is through outstanding packaging. Below are a few ways to boost customer loyalty during the online order packaging experience.

Although some may view a package as simply a box to deliver goods, it has the power to be so much more when the right strategies are employed. Packaging, when done right, can be a means to encourage further business, connect over social media, spread recommendations to new customers via word-of-mouth and beyond.

For instance, there are considerations to be made regarding the external design. A boring, nondescript box delivered to a front door is hardly reason to celebrate. Instead, the packaging should bring to mind the joy of unboxing something exciting or much anticipated, like a holiday present. Companies could do so with brand colors, logos and other creative elements on the outside.

There are also ways to enhance the inside. One tried-and-true approach is byutilizing a packaging insert. From a sample of a new product or a free gift with the brand’s logo to a personalized note or special discount offer, these inserts work to make the experience more positive, customized and memorable for the customer. It truly can be the little things that make a world of difference and help a brand stand out from the crowd.

These are just a few of the examples of how superior packaging can be used to make a lasting impression and inspire customer loyalty. For additional ways to promote successful customer relationships in the world of e-commerce, please see the accompanying resource.


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