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Creating Business Impact Using People Data and Technology (Interview with Alexis Saussinan)

Source | | David Green

To build sustainable success in people analytics, you need a few key ingredients. Let’s look at three. First, align the work of the people analytics team to the business strategy and priorities. Second in parallel, be intentional about building analytical capability across the wider HR function and third, get the sponsorship from the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Global HR Leadership Team and Senior Leaders in the business.

My guest on this episode of the podcast has mixed all of these ingredients and more since founding the people analytics team at Merck, in 2016. Alexis Saussinan is the Group Head of People Data and Technology, and the function he has built has become a bedrock of Merck’s people strategy and consistently delivers value to the business and the global workforce at Merck.

Alexis and I reflect on the journey of people analytics over the last five years at Merck and look forward to the future as Alexis’ role has expanded to bring people data, analytics and technology together.

You can listen to this week’s episode below, or by using your podcast app of choice, just click the corresponding image to get access via the podcast website here.

In our discussion, Alexis and I discuss:

  • How to align the work of the people analytics team with the business and the people strategy

  • Examples of people analytics in action, including how Merck takes a skills-based approach to workforce planning

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