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Creating Employee Experience : What holds you back?

Source | LinkedIn : By Harjeet Khanduja

I was excited that I was getting an award under Pride of Nation series. My wife was very confident that there must have been some mistake. She refused to come with me, instead decided to go to Amritsar with her parents. I was not having high hopes from the function. I reached there bit late. Surprisingly, there were many Business celebrities as well as Bollywood celebrities in the award function. I was repenting that I should have insisted her to come with me. I did not think that next few minutes were going to bring three life time learning lessons.

1.      Warmth connects

Suddenly I saw Dharam Paa ji walking in. My eyes blinked. I didn’t know what hit me. I just walked over to him and touched his feet.

He met me with open arms as if he had known me for years. The warmth of the interaction created one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Be warm to connect with people.

2.      Return on Investment

Dharam paa ji walked on the stage and addressed audience. People stood up and gave him a standing ovation. One could sense the warmth people had for him. Even the anchor of the function was blushing standing next to him. He said, this is what I have earned in my life.

Return on investment on warmth is the Brand value.

3.      Be Grounded

Dharam paa ji congratulated everyone. Then he recited a poetry which meant that this is just a beginning. You will go higher from here. If you are grounded better, higher you will go. So never allow even an iota of arrogance in your behavior.

Being grounded with people takes you higher.

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