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Creating an Inspiring Workplace for Your Employees

By | Ian Pearson | Mediaguru

At some point in our lives, we all feel sort of like slaves. Pushed into this world where we constantly need to work just in order to survive. Slowly we lose our motivation and begin to hate the work we do and as a result, we start to slack off.  Sounds familiar? The same thing happens inside of companies – employees easily and quickly loose interest if they’re not motivated correctly. Don’t delude yourself and think that money is the only motivation, it’s more important how they feel during the work. Your best tool for directing the way they feel is their working environment.

Inside the looney park

You have to make your offices healthy and inspiring for your employees, but that doesn’t mean you have to turn them into a luna park. Maybe you already invested a lot of time and money into the interior design and you’re still not satisfied with the result, so you start to bring more of various decorations just to make your employees feel happy. But all the devices they already carry to work, laptop, tablets, phones are already a distraction and they don’t need more. The artwork is also not a very good idea – working place is not a museum. Sometimes clean walls can have the best effect.

Let the sunshine in

That doesn’t mean you have to keep them in blank cubicles like lab rats, you should always produce a view for your employees. They’ll probably like it more than a framed picture. Of course, the view can also be distracting, but it gives the feeling of freedom as it produces the contact with nature. This solution also brings more natural light into the place and that relieves the stress and at the same time improves the quality of air. If your company is located in an extremely urban area where it’s impossible to have a nice and clear view you should use artificial light to imitate the natural one.  This doesn’t mean you have to be ‛all work and no play’ – you can also install some color changing lights that you’ll use when some team members complete their task.

Who let the dogs out?

Talking about distractions, noise can be a very big problem, especially when it comes to a large number of people talking on the phones.  Ok, there are always headphones, but that is not the best solution because having them on for eight hours can be very unpleasant and there is also white noise, black noise, green noise…yes, there are different colors of noise. Music sounds like a good option, but which to choose? Classical sounds like the safest choice, but although all the plants seem to like it some people may find it very boring. The best idea is to design different ceiling heights so you can set different noise levels in different areas, all according to your employee’s individual needs.

Ariadna’s thread

Slaying the Minotaur can be a very useful metaphor in your motivational speeches, but your employees shouldn’t be like Theseus, wandering through the endless labyrinth. Yes, every company owner is proud of his gadgets and machines, but you can’t just position them all over the place. It’s very important that your employees have their freedom of movement, otherwise, they’ll feel like animals trapped in the cage. You need to free the space in order to produce a productive circulation. Don’t worry, you won’t have to throw anything out – there are many interesting and super cheap storage solutions that will keep ‛your babies’ safe and out of the way. They will remain your Ariadna’s thread but now your employees will use it to reach their goal, not to find a way out of your company.

No fun, my babe…

This is a list of tips, not rules. Don’t be strict and don’t be afraid to improvise. In other words, have fun and let others join you. Encourage your employees to take part in the process of designing, listen to their ideas. And always change things, don’t let anything become a routine.  Inspiration is always about moving, not staying in place. Your employees are here with you on a journey – make it a memorable one.


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