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Creating The Future Of Work: 10 Leadership Strategies For The Greatest Impact

Source | | Tracy Brower

We’re experiencing what could be the most significant reinvention of work in our time. Leaders will have an unprecedented opportunity to reexamine, redefine and reimagine the nature of our work, the way they engage people and how companies function.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created hard and unusual times, and as we get back to work, things will be different. As a result, brilliant leadership is especially important now as well as in the future. In addition, it’s likely the worst leaders will be weeded out. There just isn’t room for the mediocre in cataclysmic circumstances. Great leaders will come to the fore and the recognition they receive and results they drive will influence other leaders in turn.

How can leaders lead most effectively and what will great leadership look like in this extraordinary time? Here’s what that great leadership must include:

Great leaders give hope, purpose and meaning. You’ve heard it before, great leaders paint a vision of what the future will hold and motivate you to be part of it. These are times when the future is hard to predict—which makes an optimistic leader even more important. Great leaders reinforce what they know—core competencies and company values,  and reassurance the organization will succeed (when this is true). Effective leaders are forward-leaning and inspire people based on the power of a compelling future.

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