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Creating Value Thru Experiences

By | Adil Malia |

Said a sheet of snow-white paper …

“pure as I was created, pure will I remain for ever. I would rather be burnt and turn to white ashes than suffer darkness to touch me “.

The ink-bottle heard what the paper was saying. The multi-coloured pencils heard it too. They never dared thereafter to approach snow-white or go near it.

And so the snow-white paper thus remained pure and chaste forever … but empty (Gibran).

Experiences fill our life. Complete it.

Experiences are often beyond our concious control whether it’s positive or negative. However, they’re significant to our lives in this world – they usually shape our mindset, our outlook and our real understanding of the real world.

Positive Experiences are entirely good because they’re happiness-inducing. They give us joy, and whenever we are reminiscing our positive experiences, we usually have a good time both emotionally and physically. However, not so successful experiences (albeit everyone shuns), also bring with them their own set of teachable learnings and thus create value.

Go out consciously and seek different experiences. Familiar – unfamiliar, known – unknown, risky or safe. That is the only way you evolve to gain immense practical value in life. Indeed, creating value thru a varied range of experiences.

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