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HE Talks : Creativity during Troubled Times by Dr Pavan Soni

by Dr Pavan Soni

By | Ramesh Ranjan | Editor  HE Talks

Dr Pavan Soni is an Innovation Evangelist. He is the Founder of Inflexion Point, a PhD from IIMB, Adjunct Faculty at IIMB / ISB, 5 times TEDx Speaker.

Here he talks about
  1. Difference between Creativity & Innovation
  2. How we can cultivate Creativity in each one of us
  3. How we can unshackle ourselves from the environment and be Creative
  4. Co-Creation : Consumers can play in role in creating Products & Solutions
  5. In our pursuit of Creativity, how long do we put up with failure . When do we say Quits & read the writing on the wall ?
  6. How do we build a Disruptive Factory in an organisation?
  7. Will India be able to shrug of its Tag of not being an INVENTOR?



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