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<p>Bosky Arora, Group Head - Culture &amp; DEI, K Raheja Corp Group</p>
Bosky Arora, Group Head – Culture & DEI, K Raheja Corp Group

In the dynamic realm of HR leadership, Myra, a determined senior HR executive overseeing a large retail company, faced the persistent challenge of fostering cohesion and motivation within her organization. Despite her strategic acumen, she sought innovative solutions during a leadership retreat and discovered the transformative power of applied behavioural sciences.

Intrigued by the insights of intrinsic motivation, social dynamics, and psychological safety, Myra delved into the subject, restructuring team dynamics to empower autonomy and collaboration, implementing recognition initiatives, and nurturing open communication within her direct team to begin with.

The outcomes were remarkable. Collaboration flourished, creativity surged, and employee engagement soared to new heights. Crucially, these initiatives led to sustained innovation, improved morale, reduced turnover rates, and a tangible boost in the company’s bottom line. Myra’s journey epitomizes the profound impact of behavioural sciences on people leadership and organizational culture.

Amidst the fast-paced landscape of productivity, where efficiency and effectiveness are paramount, the fusion of applied behavioural sciences emerges as a transformative force in understanding human behaviour and shaping people leadership and organizational culture.

Rooted in disciplines such as psychology, sociology, and…

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