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Culture eats Strategy : for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Source | Linkedin | Pragati Sharma

They say Coffee in Starbucks is incidental: it’s the environment, the seating, the power plugs and the smell of freshness that keeps customers hooked. 

Culture, very simply defined as the way people behave in an organisation is one of the biggest challenges facing the start up world today. 

If we are able to build and drive the right Culture, we have solved for our most important asset : People

What are then the key drivers of this challenge and how do we use culture as a key attraction & retention of best talent? 

Let’s understand the 5 C’s : Cause, Community, Communication, Control and Customer Satisfaction that contribute to this journey 

1. Cause : Each organisation is built around a mission. Employees need to buy into that mission. Once aligned, the employee automatically becomes a brand ambassador for all your initiatives. It is important to define your goals and outline clearly what the organisation is trying to achieve. Founders have a critical role to play in this phase of the organisation: it will help focus energies and drive suitable action. Mission statements attribute to consistency in messaging across channels- why are we in this business and how are we different from others? Whether it is Uber, Tesla or LinkedIn, each mission statement inspires their employees to work towards the ultimate goals that the founders have set out to achieve and set the organisation in motion accordingly. 

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