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CV Making Tips from Certified Writers

By | Joseph Moore

The main goal of any resume is to get an invitation for an interview, but this is not easy to do. An employer receives hundreds of resumes, and you need to somehow stand out from this set, to make the impression of an experienced and qualified specialist. A well-written cv is key to getting a job.

In this article, we will provide tips from experienced professionals who work in the resume writing service on how to write a good resume. Try to study them carefully.

Expert Advice on Resume Creation

A good resume should have the following sections:

  • Purpose: what position you are applying for. Your last name, first name, age, marital status;
  • Contact information: address, phone number, email;
  • Work experience in reverse chronological order from the last job. This is the most important part of the resume. If you have a long career history, then you should not write it all, it is enough to indicate the last 5 places. For each, you need to indicate the dates of employment and dismissal (month and year), position, own job responsibilities;
  • Education: in which institution you studied, from what year to what year, faculty and specialty;
  • Additional education: which courses, seminars, training were attended (if they correspond to the purpose of the resume, that is, for example, you should not write about courses in guitar playing if you are applying for the position of design engineer);
  • Computer skills. Now work in almost any position is somehow connected with computers and technology, so you should indicate the level of proficiency and what programs you can work with;
  • Additional information: knowledge of foreign languages, availability of a driver’s license. You can also write your hobbies here if they are related to future work.

Information for a resume should be carefully selected: focus on what is most important for a certain job. The information in the resume should be stated very clearly and specifically, try not to use long phrases, because the employer looks through dozens of resumes every day, spending 2-3 minutes on each, he will not read large descriptions. Be sure to check the text for spelling and grammatical errors.

If you are sending your resume by e-mail, you should not write it directly in the body of the letter (the employer cannot save such a letter to his computer or print), it is better to send it as an attached file. The most optimal format is MS-Word, in it, you can beautifully format the text and make the document easy to read, unlike the usual txt text format. The optimal file size is 100-150 kb. However, even if your resume is larger, you shouldn’t archive it and thus force the employer to spend time unpacking it.

The name of your resume should be your last name and first name, and not ‘Resume.doc’, etc., because when an employer saves your resume to his computer, there may already be several files with the title ‘Resume’ and yours will just get lost in this list.

High-Quality Resume Writing Services

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The reliability and affordable prices of the services provided by the online company are guaranteed. So, why don’t you hire the experts and buy a paper right now?

To get a top assistant on the service, go through the following steps:

  1. Submit an application on the website to write a resume;
  2. Pay for the work;
  3. Give instructions to a personal writer;
  4. Get completed paper on the deadline.

It is not only easy to purchase a resume, but also profitable. You will receive a number of benefits from cooperation, in particular, a unique paper, free corrections, round-the-clock assistance, etc.


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