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Daddy why are you complicating?

Source | Linkedin | Benjamin James | HR Leader – GE Healthcare Commercial South Asia at GE

It was one busy weekday morning a few years back, Pritesh, my pre-school going son and I were having breakfast. We were in a hurry as his pick-up van would show up anytime.

Pritesh suddenly realized that he had butterfly drawing competition that day, and he wanted me to teach him how to draw butterfly right there. I said we had no time for it and refused. He tried hard and I refused harder. You can well imagine what would have happened next. Yes, he switched on ambulance mode ? Like most parents, I surrendered hearing his siren.

I grabbed a pen and a pencil saying “Pritesh, listen to me carefully. I am going to teach this to you in 6 simple steps, get it right the first time, because we don’t have time…” the crash course began.

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Step 1: Draw a semicircle on left side

Step 2: Draw a bigger semicircle below that

Step 3: Draw a semicircle on right side

Step 4: Draw a bigger semicircle below that

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