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Dan Harmon | Talks at Google


Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty, Community, Harmontown) stops by Google to Talk about his creative process, his ongoing projects – including the upcoming season 3 of Rick and Morty, Dungeons and Dragons, and if reality is just a fart.

Dan Harmon is a seasoned writer for film and television. He is the creator and executive producer of NBC’s “Community”, co-creator of Adult Swim’s animated series, “Rick and Morty”, and co-creator of Comedy Central’s “The Sarah Silverman Program”. Harmon co-wrote the Academy Award ™ nominated film, “Monster House” and the now famously failed television comedy pilot, “Heat Vision and Jack”, with writing partner Rob Schrab. He and Schrab founded Channel 101, a website celebrating innovative new web series. Dan also performs a weekly live show and recorded podcast, called “Harmontown” and has “Harmonquest” on Seeso.

Moderated by Dana Han-Klein


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  1. I had a professor tell me this in college. This is how I function. I could only write a paper at the last minute. Because it would always turn out better than if I spend 4 hours on it, then having anxiety the rest of the time. I did better not revising.

  2. Dan always gives good interviews but I have to ask why he's doing this for Google? YouTube's current policies are death to animators. Anyone trying to start a decent animation project now has to be familiar with how hard it is to get noticed by even a few people. I mean if you've got connections at Adult Swim then that might be different but we aren't all Dan Harmon. My point is that Google has ensured that the chance for new animators to jump start ideas is more difficult than it's ever been and it seems like, based on what he's saying, that he's for the little guy finding his footing. I think his heart is in the right place but I have to wonder if he really even sees what Google has done and is doing to people?

  3. i agree with Dan Harmon about writing on myspace or xanga, even if its not to share with everyone in the world. journals/diaries are a great way to organize your own mind and that helped me grow a lot in my teenage years.

  4. so, is there a public forum where writers who are fans of harmon, and or supporters, to all congrgate and talk? Or do we just seek each other through twitter?

  5. This has the banality of a self indulgent Ted Talk, and Dan (though fetishization of intellect seems to be the major topic) seems more neurotic than smart, like a scared hamster spinning it's wheel in an endless self referential loop. 7/5 would turn off ten minutes in again.

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