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Dave Ulrich: HR is about Winning in the Marketplace

Source | Linkedin | Ester Martinez | LinkedIn Top Voices | CEO & Editor-in-Chief at People Matters TechHR

In an exclusive interview with MyHRFuture‘s David Green, Professor Dave Ulrich gave a range of insightful thoughts on the changing nature of HR, challenging assumptions and how to be effective within organizations and the marketplace, alongside highlighting the role of the HR business partner in a digital age. A Professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ulrich is considered the father of modern HR, the author of over 30 books and an expert on leadership, innovation, organizations as capabilities and an all-round creative thinker in the field of human resources. 

HR’s Purpose and Aspirations 

When David asked about the purpose of HR, Ulrich answers with a question: “what’s the most important or best thing HR can give an employee? The answer is a company that wins in the marketplace.” 

What we do in HR is not what we do inside the organization, but how we ensure success for companies and investors and create real value for the customer and the community. “The more HR moves outside the business, the more visibility we will have,” Ulrich reiterated. 

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