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Dave Ulrich on HR’s Role in Bouncing Back

Source | YouTube | Luminary Learning Solutions |Vidusha Nathavitharana

Vidusha Nathavitharana in conversation with Dave Ulrich on HR’s Role in Bouncing Back

The topic for the inaugural session today is “HR’s role in bouncing back”, taking on HR’s perspective, we are about to introspect, reflect and discuss how to act in the light of this massive Re-Set we are facing.

Our Guest for today REALLY needs no introduction, We are very honoured to have with us today non-other than, the “Father of Modern Human Resources” Dave Ulrich – who is ranked as the #1 Educator and Management Guru. Dave has authored 30 books, over 200 articles that have helped organizations and HR professionals Across the globe.

Our Host is none other than Vidusha Nathavitharana, Founder and Destiny Architect of High Five Consultancy & Luminary Learning Solutions! A familiar face to many of you joining us today: he started out his career in advertising and branding, later moving on to operations and marketing, before settling into HR. He moved across to Consulting and Training in 2005 and has never looked back since.

We remain the eternal optimists – and are confident that this crisis, like all crisis, will pass. What we CAN do, is to make sure we learn from it, and do our very best to come out of it without being warped by the experience, nor with a defeatist attitude. We are confident we will learn and adapt, and embrace the new realities with courage and resilience… We sincerely hope this webinar offered insights that will prove helpful to you!

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