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David Reinfurt: “Muriel Cooper” | Talks at Google


“Take all the strands that define contemporary media, technology, and design, and follow them back in time to their source. To your astonishment, you will find all the strands converge in a single person: Muriel Cooper.” (Pentagram’s Michael Bierut)

David Reinfurt gives a lecture on designer-technologist Muriel Cooper from his new MIT Press monograph on her life and work (with Robert Wiesenberger). Cooper was founder of MIT’s Visible Language Workshop, founding faculty of the MIT Media Lab, and an AIGA Medalist. Meg Miller, of AIGA’s Eye on Design journal, which recently visited Cooper’s archive, gives an introduction and response / Q&A as well. Enjoy a glimpse into the inspiring and groundbreaking work of this life at the forefront of interactivity, design, and technology.

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Moderated by Meg Miller.


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