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Dean Ornish: “Transforming Lives and Healthcare” | Talks at Google


For over 35 years, Dr. Dean Ornish’s series of scientific research studies have been empowering the way millions of people think about the simple lifestyle choices they make each day in dynamic relation to their health & wellbeing. From being a revolutionary thought leader, a powerful professor, a beloved author and respected advisor to some of the worlds most powerful leaders, Dr. Dean Ornish is resoundingly recognized as a leader in health, healthcare and medicine.

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Moderated by Jack Hidary.


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  1. I really didn't like this interviewing style, at all. Way too much interrupting! I felt bad for Dr. Ornish, AND, was constantly frustrated by wanting to hear what he was about to say but was cut off. Sorry.

  2. Please Dr. Ornish, don't beat around the bush. You saved my life, and I want you to help other people like you did me. Below are the actual guidelines for the Ornish Reversal Program.

    The Ornish Reversal Program Nutrition Guidelines
    FAT • 10% of total calories per day
    CHOLESTEROL • 10 milligrams or less per day
    ANIMAL PRODUCTS • None (except non-fat milk products and egg whites)*
    CALORIES • Unrestricted (unless the need for weight management)
    CARBOHYDRATES • Limited, in moderation
    CAFFEINE • Limited: ≤1 c coffee; ≤2 c decaf; ≤ 2 c green tea or black tea
    SODIUM • Moderate sodium (unless otherwise medically indicated)
    LOW FAT FOODS • ≤ 3 servings a day with ≤ 3 gm of approved fats (see list)
    NONFAT DAIRY • ≤ 2 servings a day*
    ALCOHOL• Allowed in small amounts

    I read your book when it first came out Dr. Ornish. My angina pain went away, and I lost 50 pounds. This program works so well, but in order for people to follow it they need to know the guidelines. Yes, people also need to read the book. Finally, for anyone considering this who might say "this is a radical program" I disagree. Having your chest bisected and bypassing your heart arteries with veins from your legs, now THAT is radical. Food is medicine. If you want to avoid bypass surgery, or stents and angioplasty (which many times turn into emergency heart bypass surgery because of surgical complications), then read the book and adhere strictly to the above limits. My personal limits are even more strict. I've been alive 20 years now because of this program, and I never even went to one of the Ornish courses. I just read the book "Dr. Dean Ornish's Program For Reversing Heart Disease" by Dr. Dean Ornish. Finally, if you don't know, assume you have vascular disease of some kind. Most Americans do. Get healthy. This program is the way to go, and it is covered by Medicare now, and many other private insurances too. But again, I just assumed the worst and did it on my own.

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