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Dear Baby Boomers: It Is Time to Retire

Source | Linkedin | Patrick Leddin, Ph.D.

In 2017, Pew Research explained that, “still sizable, the Baby Boom generation’s sway in the workforce is waning. In the early and mid-1980s, Boomers made up a majority of the nation’s labor force. The youngest Boomer was 53 years old in 2017, while the oldest Boomers were older than 70. With more Boomers retiring every year and not much immigration to affect their numbers, the size of the Boomer workforce will continue to shrink.”

Over the last two years, gains in the U.S. stock markets have accelerated Baby Boomers’ exit from the workforce.

Did You Just Stumble Upon an Anti-Baby Boomer Rant?


If you ‘clicked’ on this article with the hopes of reading a rant about how Boomers need to move on with their lives and get out of the workplace, you will be sorely disappointed.

I’m merely offering two suggestions for Baby Boomers to make the biggest contributions of their careers. These thoughts have nothing to do with financial or traditional retirement planning; they have everything to do with legacy building and choosing to retire a couple of mindsets and behaviors.

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