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Source | | Orsolya Kovács-Ondrejkovic, Rainer Strack, Pierre AntebiAna López Gobernado, Elizabeth Lyle

This report is the latest in the Decoding Global Talent series about workforce changes and skills of the future.

Change is coming and the workforce knows it. Sixty-one percent of people believe that global megatrends greatly affect their jobs and will continue to do so. As a result, many devote significant time to refining their skills. The vast majority are also willing to learn new skills to become attractive candidates for completely different jobs.

These insights come from one of the largest ever global surveys of labor trends and work preferences: 366,000 people in 197 countries surveyed by Boston Consulting Group and the online international recruitment company The Network for our comprehensive Decoding Global Talent report series.

Global megatrends are transforming more and more aspects of work and, in so doing, changing the skills that people need for their jobs and redefining the jobs that will be needed and where. We explored two specific megatrends—technology changes and globalization—and two possible reactions to them. One is people’s willingness to adopt new skills for their current positions, what we refer to as upskilling. The other is their willingness to pick up new skills for a completely different job, commonly known as reskilling.

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