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Decoding the dress code

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Sept 2010

‘Why are you dressed this way? As HR leader you would need to lead by example’. I remember the expression after many years. I was surprised then when I heard it then from my colleague. Being a month old in Lenovo this was my first leadership meeting in a city hotel. I was wearing a checked half shirt and a pair of formal trousers to match. Looking around I found that I was the only with a half shirt.  ‘How did I fail to understand workplace attire cues of my new workplace? I asked myself. My past organizations was more informal and wearing business casual for an internal meetings was the norm. As I was staying at the same hotel of the meeting venue, I went to my room at lunch and changed to respect the workplace attire guidance.

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Sept 2019

‘That’s so cool. Lenovo is a cool company. I would love to be on stage wearing shorts.’ my friend wrote back in whatsapp replying to my picture of the Lenovo Presidents Club awards function up on the stage that I shared with him. My attire blended with the theme of the function that day which was ‘Fiji’. The stage, lounge seating, screen backdrop, Fiji theme awards and ambiance in the room and everything else blended with the island’s theme – so was my attire. In 2010, this would be unimaginable.

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