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Decoding the startup journey: An interview with Riddhima Arora

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Presenting to you, our third interview in the women of startups campaign! As a part of our campaign for International Womens Day, we got in touch with Riddhima Arora, creative head at Sociowash and asked her to share her experience of working in a startup. She told us about a lot about her journey, from the challenges she faced and to the learnings she gained. Read on to know about her journey in Sociowash.

1. Why did you choose to join a startup?

For me, money/power/position, having a big name on my resume never really cut the deal. Working with Sociowash gives me space to bridge the gap between the person I am and the person I’d like to be. The freedom to learn and create is something that ignites my passion to design, create, alter, falter, imagine and grow.  And have fun while I am at it.
When I wake up every morning, I know its going to be a day full of challenges and trust me, when I live the high highs and low lows and everything in between, I feel there’s no other way Id rather have it.  Even if that other way is having a  big name on my resume.
2. How is it different than any other job you have previously had? What difficulties did you face?
Before joining Sociowash, I used freelance extensively. To fit myself into a definitive work regime was a challenge I’d say, for earlier I had the flexibility to design my own way. While it did give me time to focus on my hobbies and have a lot of time to myself, I have to say I compromise on that. Working alone to working at a place with people with different outlooks wasn’t quite an easy transition, but I learnt to find my feet through.
3. What learning are you getting out of it?

I’ve learnt to the inevitability and importance of risk taking, to don more than one hat when required, the beauty of an appreciative email from a client or a colleague, to beat the odds, to believe in myself and the people around me, that it all comes down to teamwork and sometimes you win some, you lose some. And more importantly, I’ve learned there will be times when things will be changing every nano second; you just have to prepare yourself for whatever comes your way and deal with the damage gracefully.
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