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Defending your Reputation

Source | LinkedIn : By Meera Vankat

Reputation is a commodity that can be, and is, extremely fragile. With one wrong action or word, the good work of years and the name built up can be shattered. This is very true in today’s world when social media rules business.  A review that is not good for your reputation can destroy your business if it goes viral.

The only way one can stave off such “invasions,” whether justified or not, is to act proactively. In my opinion, the best way to defend your reputation is to assiduously build it up so that it will take a lot of banging and battering to dent it. The following tips may be useful:

  • First of all, build up your reputation as a company that takes compliance seriously
  • Project yourself aggressively on social media and in search engines with real facts and figures that can be verified. This naturally means that You have to be on your toes and ahead of the competition.
  • Subscribe effectively to the maxim that the customer comes first. This attitude should be real and perceived so.
  • It is worth assigning the management of social media to one person who can project your image aggressively and proactively. Things like events, new initiatives and your thrust on your achievements on Corporate Social Responsibility should be well publicised
  • Tell the world that you are an “Equal Opportunity Employer,” and the fact that employee wellness and welfare is one of your primary concerns.

With the above in place, dents to your reputation cannot be very serious. A proactive attitude is the best form of defence.

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