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Defining the future of work with diversity & inclusion at the core

Source | | Drishti Pant

With breakthroughs in technologies, increased social movements, and globalization, diversity is inevitable and creating inclusive workplaces is a necessity. A Mckinsey research shows that companies that are more diverse are more productive, more efficient and give better returns to shareholders. Another report by BCG shows that companies that have more diverse management teams have 19 percent higher revenue due to innovation. 

Diversity and Inclusion have always been important but now as business and talent leaders gear up for the future of work, the need to create inclusive workplaces where each and every working professional feels respected and empowered to work, has further increased. The scope of diversity has increased beyond gender and generations. Besides creating inclusive workplace culture and practices for different genders and various generations working in the organizations, the attention now also needs to shift on other aspects or categories of diversity. 

To discuss the future of work and how diversity & inclusion lies at the core of it, People Matters and Randstad hosted a roundtable discussion in Gurugram. Talent leaders from diverse companies came together to reflect upon the theme ‘Future of Work: Creating Inclusive Workplaces.’ 

Here are a few key takeaways from the discussion:

Demystifying diversity: Beyond genders and generations

In most simplest terms, diversity is difference of thought, difference of perception, difference of perspective, and difference of impact. Hence, to begin with the organizations now need to look for enhancing more cognitive diversity.

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