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DEI is still an Organizational Priority and the reasons for companies to invest in DEI have remained the same!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

📣 Ownership and leadership are the keys to DEI success

💡 The business cases driving DEI internally are their top three drivers aligned with past years signaling a continued emphasis on creating support for teams and talent.

✔️ 78% of organization believe DEI priority has increased in the past year, with 85% also state they have a budget for DEI -up from 76% last year

✔️ For most organizations, the push for DEI comes from within, with 66% of respondents saying the main sources of pressure for DEI initiatives are internal.

✔️ 57% of organization have made progress with or are already using a strategic approach to DEI : Industries reporting the highest levels of shared ownership include technology, finance, and manufacturing.

✔️ 97% of organizations report having at least 1 DEI initiative in place, with the top 2 being positive action to encourage diverse applicants and positive action to support development and promotion

🦾 94% of companies are using technology and AI to support DEI initiatives , according to a new interesting research published by Workday in collaboration with Sapio Research using data 📊 from a survey of 2,600 global HR professionals and business leaders across 19 countries.

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