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Denied the raise you were promised? Here’s how to rectify the situation

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You Asked: I joined my current employer over 1.5 years ago. When I joined, I got a small raise but I was promised a substantial hike of about 20% a year later, subject to meeting my goals. I have met most goals but the company is now saying it doesn’t make such promises to candidates. I have the commitment in writing but the HR executive concerned has moved on. What should be my approach?” — Name kept anonymous on request.

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Expertspeak: Prabir Jha, Founder & CEO, Prabir Jha People Advisory

“It is unfortunate but not atypical of many companies. Verbal assurances are individual-specific and lost forever if that person is not there. You have a written assurance though, which you must show to your boss, the skip-level manager and the HR. A promise is a promise, however misplaced. That has to be met.

Make sure they understand you know the legal enforceability of the email, which spells thing in black and white. Do that in a way that’s not threatening but give a firm indication that you will stand up for your rights.

If they all shy away from it, you clearly are in the wrong place. It shows the character of the company’s culture and its leadership. You must then move on, being cautious not to make the same mistake. If you cannot, you also must then make peace with the realities of your market worth. 

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