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Design your thinking and not just your product

By | Mandeep S Mann | IT Leader | Site Reliability Engineering | Product Management | Budding Social Business Entrepreneur

I haven’t written for myself in almost a decade, maybe just a few notes of love and gratitude for my wife. The pandemic has been a time of pain as well as transformation, we now realize that life is short and the time to work on your dreams is now. I joined an MBA program in Product Leadership just before the pandemic that helped ensure that my learning journey does not stop, no matter how bad the situation. The dividend for that hard work is close and I am proud to say that I am now a founder of a non-profit and building a product with a team of highly motivated individuals. The idea is inspired by my journey of being a cancer caregiver for ~8 years, well more about this later.

Today I want to do a book review of “Design Your Thinking” by Dr. Pavan Soni, the concept of Design Thinking is not new, I had heard my organization’s leaders talk about the subject, even did few workshops but never really grasped the real meaning of Design Thinking, it is about thinking and not designing(Maybe it should just be called Thinking with a Purpose). I have always been a voracious reader but preferred only Fantasy, Fiction, and maybe a few autobiographies, I could never get the self-development and leadership sutra’s types genre. This was true till I attended Dr. Pavan Soni’s lecture as part of my MBA course, post that lecture I have easily gone through 30 such books(thanks to audible, Dr. Soni advocates real books over audible but it works for me) a process that helped me overcome some baseless fears and insecurities I had about my health, career, family, finances and the need for external validation, if things are not in your control…stop worrying…focus on the difference you can make in your limited life on the planet.

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