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By | Ramran

For those who are interested in starting a business, setting up a company, blog or website, they will definitely need to make their own logo. Although finding a designer is the easiest way, the cost is very high and not everyone can afford it. At this time, the Designevo website is a very good choice. It not only provides a large number of Logo templates, but also can modify the details, such as: patterns, text, colors, etc., so that you can customize your own Logo without worrying about being like others.

DesignEvo is very easy to use. Even people without any art background or professional knowledge can design high-quality logos with easy steps.

Step 1-After entering the website, you can start your logo design

After entering the website, click on the “Make A Free Logo” in the middle to start designing.

Step 2-Choose the template you like

The number of templates provided is super large, at least over 1,000, and there is a complete classification on the left side, so that you can quickly find the type of logo that suits your industry.

After finding the logo you like, move the mouse to the top, and two functions of “Similar” and “Customize” will pop up. The former will list a list of recommendations similar to this logo, and the latter will start to modify the design:

After finding a logo that feels good, you can use similar functions to find the most suitable one. This is also a pretty good way to find the logo.

Step 3-Customize your own logo

After you click on the custom function, you will enter the Logo design background. The main function is to select the unit on the left. There are four: “Icon, text, shape and background”.

The text and pattern of the logo template can be modified, and it also provides a lot of traditional Chinese font options, which is very good. After clicking the text, you can find the color, thickness, size and other functions at the top:


There are also a lot of shape materials provided. If you don’t like the logo pattern of the template, you can change to other shapes or patterns by yourself.

In the icon function, there are a variety of popular color patterns, such as: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, games, cameras, etc. You can also add these to the logo design.

The background color can also be changed, the default is transparent.

Step 4-preview your design

When the design is almost the same, you can click the preview function at the top to see if the Logo is applied to various things:

designevo tool

Then it will display a schematic diagram of the situation placed on business cards, paper, clothing, websites, etc..

Step 5-Download your logo design

After confirming that there is no problem, click the function in the upper right corner to download this Logo design:

There are three options for this online tool, free and basic package to participate in the premium package. The free version can only download low-resolution Logo (without transparent background) and must be shared on social media or websites.

For those with a little budget, I recommend buying basic or premium packages. After all, Logo is the most important of all things. It is worth the investment. Moreover, it is really much cheaper than the cost of finding a designer.

One thing to note is that although the basic package can also obtain high-resolution Logo design drawings, it cannot obtain copyright ownership, which means that others can also design the same Logo.

If you care about this, remember to choose the premium package, which can also download the font files used, which is pretty good.

Regardless of the free or paid version, you need to register an account to download, just fill in your E-Mail and password:

For free downloads, you need to share to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also copy the code and share it on your own website. See which one you like, then press agree and download:

To sum up

Designevo is really a very easy-to-use online logo design tool. It is easy to use, it has a large number of templates, and is cheap. It is very suitable for new startups, personal websites, and those who do not have enough budget.

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